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Bad Etiquette

Graphic tees are nothing new to the fashion world and since it’s arrival on the scene they have only continued to gain in popularity. With most logo tees these days using a play-off of a logo or fashion brand name, Toronto based company Bad Etiquette caught my eye several weeks back and I have been dialed into the brand ever since.  With a simple black and white palette, clean aesthetic, and dope logos found on their tees, hoodies, and snapbacks – inspired by the Designer Lionel Wong’s ethos, I think the Bad Etiquette team is definitely onto something here.

Bad Etiquette

Bad Etiquette

Bad Etiquette

Within seconds of checking out the brand’s website, you will immediately understand Bad Etiquette’s vision and hopefully like me, fall in love with their dedication to “always keep shit f*ckin’ real!”.  With clever street influenced product descriptions and a hip hop themed sizing chart – (“Biggie Smalls”, “Middle Man”, “Livin Large”, and “XL Baby” are the sizes available to chose from) confirmed that Bad Etiquette was not just your run of the mill street label. I had an amazing chat with Wong a week ago, who also happens to be the Associate Creative Director at one of the city’s leading ad and creative digital agency’s, One Method. During our talk he explained a bit about his obsession with creating and love of community, which was the catalyst for the line. Although Bad Etiquette’s first capsule collection is men’s…it’s slim fit and super luxe cotton makes it easy for us ladies to rock them as a tee or a dress.

Bad Etiquette

Bad Etiquette

Photography by Tiffany Sin – TiffanySPhoto.ca

What I’m Wearing: White “Dope & Diamonds” Tee c/o Bad Etiquette // Black “Hoodlm” Tee c/o Bad Etiquette // Sunglasses by Rayban // Shoes (old) by Aldo *Both tees shown here are size medium aka “Middle Man”

To view the full collection, which also includes hoodies, and to order online head to their website here  and please remember to exercise good social etiquette and follow them on Twitter and Instagram!


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4 Natural & Safe Ways to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

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Natural Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is not a new craze by any means so I’m pretty sure most of you have thought about whitening your smile at some point… if you have not done so already. I will admit, I have a bit of an obsession with white teeth and for the last decade have frequently thought about getting my teeth professionally whitened by my dentist, but I am terrified of the chemicals involved. Someone once told me that there are harmful chemicals in over-the-counter solutions like Crest White Strips, so that clearly was a no-go for me. Therefore, I haven’t done anything to achieve the goal of the ultimate pearly whites with the exception of cheating and wearing red lipstick (did you know a red lippy is a way to make your teeth appear whiter?). Although these healthier alternatives may not whiten as well as professional whitening trays, they have been said to get some decent results, and safely may I add.

Banana Peel Method

Banana Peel Teeth Whitening

Bananas contain extremely high amounts of essential minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, and Manganese and combined help to safely remove stains from teeth, which is probably why this was the most popular (and bizarre) searched way to whiten teeth naturally on Pinterest. An added bonus, because this fruit is also packed with Vitamin D, it also helps to strengthen your teeth.

What You’ll Need: The peel of one ripe banana. It is imperative for the banana to be ripe because it will contain the right amount of Potassium needed to effectively brighten teeth.

How To Whiten: Rub the inside of the peel on your upper and lower teeth (one minute on each). Let the peel paste sit on your teeth anywhere from 3-10 minutes, if possible without letting your lips touch your teeth. When finished, simply brush and rinse.

Strawberry Baking Soda Paste

Strawberry Baking Soda MethodI adore strawberries so when I discovered just noshing on them is a great way to remove plaque and brighten teeth due to their level of Vitamin C and Malic acid, I was thrilled. Until doing my research, I had never heard of Malic but it is the key ingredient here as it acts as a super powerful astringent that removes surface stains. When strawberries are combined with baking soda it becomes a magical whitening solution.

What You’ll Need: 1 Strawberry and 1/2 Tbsp of Baking Soda

How To Whiten: Crush the strawberry then add baking soda. Using a toothbrush, spread the paste onto your teeth and leave it on for up to 5 minutes. Rinse and brush when finished

Activated Charcoal Rinse

Charcoal RinseThe idea of putting something black in your mouth to whiten your teeth sounds a bit counterproductive I know, but there is a reason charcoal is found in Brita water filters. It acts as a magnet which actively sucks out toxins and it works the same way on teeth. When using this rinse on your teeth, it safely removes the tannins, found in most food and drinks and unfortunately cause teeth stains, in addition to toxins.

What You’ll Need: Activated charcoal (it can be purchased at your local health store) and water.

How to Whiten: Combine equal parts charcoal and water. Swish the liquid around in your mouth for 1 minute and then hold in front of your teeth for up to 5 minutes, if possible. Once you’re finished, spit it out, rinse with fresh water and repeat until all the charcoal has been removed.

Orange Peel Scrub

Orange Peel ScrubWithin the white of an orange peel hides a natural whitening solvent called Limonene and is often found in household cleaning products to help remove stains. My initial thought was that the citric acid found in oranges could damage the tooth enamel but turns out, there isn’t any in that part of the fruit, so you’re totally safe.

What You’ll Need: A few peels from a medium or large sized orange.

How To Whiten: Rub the inside of the peel against your teeth and repeat with a new section of the peel as much as you want. When finished, just rinse your mouth out

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The 2015 VITAMIN A Swimwear Collection + Runway Show

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Vitamin A Swimwear

As a self proclaimed water baby, I can’t even begin to count the number of bikinis I have in my personal collection, but I can honestly say that I do own an alarming amount of two pieces from cult LA brand VITAMIN A. I discovered the line several years ago after seeing some of designer Amahlia Stevens pieces on Megan Fox, Jessica Alba and my fave bikini babe Rihanna, and naturally I jumped at the opportunity to attend a fashion show last week displaying VITAMIN A’s 2015 swimwear collection. Held at one of my favourite hotel properties in the city, Shangri-La Toronto, the show’s runway was built over the hotel’s fifth floor pool, which has been ranked one of the top 10 hotel pools in the world by Conde Nast Traveller . As guests noshed on canapés created by the hotel’s Executive Chef David Campbell and sipped on Perrier Jouet champers, we watched the perfectly styled models make their way down the runway in their looks which were accessorized with pieces from famed jeweller Birks.

Shangri-La Toronto

Stevens meticulously created swimwear is designed to make women look sexy while still feeling comfortable…truly luxury swimwear at it’s best. Her forthcoming collection is an array of architectural silhouettes, clean lines and textures with luxe fabrics – and was inspired by the athletic chic trend everyone has been obsessing over recently, myself included. As a perpetual bikini wearer, I fell in love with a few updated sporty two pieces and developed a whole new appreciation for the one piece silhouette based on the designers intricate  details in her designs. Here’s a sneak peek  at some of my fave looks shown last week.

Vitamin A Swimwear

Vitamin A Swimwear

Vitamin A

Vitamin A Swimwear

Vitamin A Swimwear

Other notable trends throughout the collection; water colours, cover-ups with sexy cut outs, animal print, high waisted retro bikinis and some of the sexiest monokinis you have ever seen. To view and shop VITAMIN A’s current collection, head over to VitaminASwim.com and make sure follow the brand’s visually stimulating Instagram and Twitter accounts.

In case you missed it, I checked out the Shangri-La’s amazing Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie a few weeks ago. You can read all about my first Hammam and Gommage treatment experience here .

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NTC’s Total Body Sculpting Workout ft. Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath

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Nike Training Club

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been talking frequently about my obsession with the Nike Training Club (NTC) program and often wonder how I was living without it before. Although I am extremely fortunate to workout with Canada’s first Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath weekly here in Toronto, I turn to the app several times a week when I am training on my own. If you are looking for a way to stay motivated, have variety in your workouts and create training programs to help you achieve your goals, then look no further than the NTC+ app, which you can download for free on iTunes. I promise you, it’s like having a trainer…whenever…wherever.

The Total Body Sculpting Workout is one I love to use a lot. Its a 45 minute intense sesh of cardio and fat burning. The best part…it requires very little space and minimal equipment to execute, so it’s perfect when exercising at home or while traveling.  This workout is based on circuit training and is very similar to what I am currently doing with Eva on Thursday mornings. It consists of performing multiple exercises on multiple body parts in a row with little rest in between exercises. Through this style of workout, I’ve gained muscle through resistance training, while also increasing my cardio endurance, which is achieved during the slightly elevated heart rate that is maintained in between sets and throughout the overall program.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

Photography by Robert Okine – RobertOkine.com

How to Begin The Total Body Sculpting Workout

Once you have downloaded the app on your phone or iPad, go through the following steps to locate and begin this workout:

1. Choose “Get Workout” on the home screen

2. Select “Get Lean” on the choose goal screen

3. Choose “Advanced” on the choose level screen

4. Select the “Total Body Sculpting” workout

5. Select the “Review Workout” tab to view each exercise in the series

6. Then hit “Download” and you can start the workout when you are ready

Now although the workout is located in the advanced section of “Get Lean”, please DO NOT get intimated. Many of the exercises within the circuit can be modified to suit your comfort level. You can also chose to not utilize the free weights and medicine ball if you don’t have them at home. Prior to beginning this workout I highly recommend you select the “Review Workout” and understand how to execute each exercise in the series. If you are confused by an exercise, click on it and you will be taken to a step-by-step instruction via images. Need further clarification? There is also an option to watch a short video clip. Your virtual trainer will be sure to motivate you through audio feedback throughout the workout. Best of luck…and remember, the only workout you will regret, is the one you didn’t do!

What I’m Wearing:  Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 Printed Women’s Training Shoe c/o Nike // Legendary Capri Training Tights c/0 Nike  // Rival Pro Bra (available in Canada in store – online and in the U.S. on July 14th) c/o Nike // Fuel Band c/o Nike

If you are interested in participating in a live Nike Training Club workout here in the city, the Academy of Lions cross fit gym hosts free weekly sessions where you can sweat it out with one of four amazing NTC trainers. Click here  to join the club and reserve your spot!

For motivation and tips, follow my girl Eva Redpath on Twitter and Instagram & make sure to also check out Nike Women’s amazing Instagram account!

*Special thanks to Academy of Lions for providing the space!*

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Easy Summer Recipes | Pomegranate Mango Guacamole

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Pomegranate Mango Guacamole

When it comes to Summer entertaining, there is nothing I love more than a really well made guacamole. It’s super easy to make, a tasty guilt-free snack, can be prepared tons of different ways based on your taste preferences and is always sure to be a hit at any gathering. I am beyond obsessed with avocados and could live off guacamole every day if I needed to. From time to time I like to put a little spin on the classic “guac” during the Summertime and substitute diced tomatoes with pomegranate and mangoes, which is a little trick I picked up from Pinterest. The sweet smoothness of the mangos and crunchiness of the pomegranate seeds work extremely well with the spicy avocado blend. And the colourful dish is pretty easy on the eyes as well! So delicious it can be eaten entirely on it’s own but I love to pair it with Lundberg Sea Salt chips or multigrain scoops.

What You’ll Need

  • 2 Serrano Chillies – stems removed, sliced into thin rings *I remove the seeds because I can’t handle the extra heat!
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic –  peeled and finely diced
  • 1 Medium White Onion – peeled and finely diced
  • 1/2 Cup of Chopped Cilantro Leaves
  • 4 Ripe Avocados
  • 3/4 Cup of Frozen or Fresh Mango – cut into small cubes
  • 3/4 Cup of Pomegranate Seeds
  • 1 Tsp. of Coarse Sea Salt
  • *Serves approximately 8-10

Pomegranate Mango Guacamole

It is best if you keep the aromatics together when creating this recipe, so place  the chillies, diced onion and garlic together and release the juices by pounding them in a motar and pestle. If you don’t have one at home, you can either use a food processor or simply toss the contents into a ziplock bag and beat with a rolling pin. Add in the cilantro and pound with the other aromatics.

Cut the avocados in half around the pit, remove the pit and scoop out the flesh. Place the flesh of two avocados into the motar and pestle and pound until smooth. Then cut the remaining two avocados into chunks 1/2 an inch big. Combine both the chunky and smooth avocados with the onion mix, stir in the mango cubes, pomegranate seeds and salt. Add more of the latter for taste if necessary and that’s it. Hope you enjoy!

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The Miraj Hamman Spa by Caudalie Paris at the Shangri-La Hotel

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Miraj Hammam Spa

Marrakesh has long been on my travel “bucket list” and seeing as though I’m not heading to there anytime soon, I figured a good consolation would be to enjoy a Moroccan inspired treatment at the Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris located on the fifth floor of Toronto’s Shangri-La Hotel. Within this expansive 9,000 sqft, otherworldly oasis, patrons can enjoy unique body and face treatments by the spa’s highly trained staff using Caudalie Paris products – known for their anti-oxidant properties.

Miraj Hammam SpaMiraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie ParisShangri-La High Tea

I began my afternoon with an hour long tea service in the hotel’s heavenly smelling lobby lounge. I would like to consider myself somewhat of a high tea connoisseur and for the past couple of years has been my favourite high-tea service in the city. After noshing on delectable treats and a lavender custom tea blend from Pluck Teas I was welcomed by the spa’s warm staff and immediately escorted to the lavish change room to begin prepping for my Hammam and Gommage treatment. After dressing in a traditional sarong, I was then guided into a private Jerusalem gold marble steam room, infused with an intense amount of Eucalyptus. This Eucalyptus was used to help me detoxify, relax and help open up my respiratory passage.

Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie

My treatment commenced in the High Intensity steam chamber, set at 115 degrees, for a 15 minute detoxification. This was then followed by a 15 minute body exfoliation in the Low Intensity area with a temperature set at 105 degrees. Here I lay on a large marble slab and used my sarong as a protective layer between myself and the slab, while my informative and sweet therapist Kassie (you must request her, she is a dream) exfoliated my body from head to toe using traditional black Moroccan soap…infused with Eucalyptus and made with an olive oil base.  This black soap mixture helps in drawing out more toxins, allowing my skin to be fully prepped for maximum exfoliation and was applied with a “Kessa” mitt. The mitt is somewhat of a traditional exfoliation glove used to remove dead skin cells, leaving behind nothing but new, smooth and rejuvenated skin.  I had to fight to stay awake to ask my questions about this procedure because I was literally being rubbed into a dream-like state. Once the exfoliation was finished, my body was hosed down and I was able to see the copious amounts of dead skin cells that collected on the sarong. I highly suggest adding the Rhassoul Clay Body Masque following the exfoliation. It is a stimulating mineral rich clay that leaves your body feeling invigorated and more nourished.

If Hammam steam baths are not your thing, not to worry. Miraj Caudalie has a wide variety of body, facial, massage, hand & feet treatments and they even do St Tropez tan applications. After finishing off my treatment I chilled out in the Miraj Relaxation Lounge. Here guests can enjoy delicious Baklava and fresh grapes which is served with the spa’s exclusive Black Moroccan Chai Mint tea blend, which will have you begging the staff for some to take home. Unfortunately, this is specially imported by the head office in Vancouver and is not available for sale. My Miraj Hammam Experience was truly wonderful and will forever change the way I spa in the future!

Miraj Hammam Spa


Additional MUST-KNOWS about Miraj Hammam Spa…

  • Spa guests spending $150 or more on services are granted free access to the Shangri-La’s fitness centre and pool *The pool was ranked one of the top 10 hotel pools in the world by Conde Nast.
  • The relaxation lounge also includes a sun deck in which patrons can dine on lunch or sun tan during the Summer months.
  • Reservations can easily be made via the spa’s online reservation system.
  • Extended hours Monday-Saturday 9am to 9pm and Sunday 9am-7pm making it easy for even the busiest of clients to find time to unwind
  • Valet parking available at the Shangri-La Hotel
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The Right Fit & Support with Nike’s New Pro Bra Collection

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Nike Pro Rival Bra

A few weeks ago I received a mysterious “Save-the-Date” for an upcoming Nike event that was super hush hush and top secret…details about what was to be shown at the media preview was not revealed until I arrived at the event space last Friday morning. Nike takes their “Research & Development” very serious so when I discovered the event was to discuss new innovations for women’s training, I immediately thought it had to do with footwear but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The event was to introduce the new  Nike Pro Bra Collection, which has been in development for the last two years.

The sports bra is the heart of every women’s workout, or at least it should be. As Canadian Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath reminded us last last week, it is the very first thing we put on when getting ready so how could it not be important? And just like we chose footwear according to an event or activity, we should be wearing the right bra with appropriate support for the type of exercise we do. Each woman has a unique shape and because of the many different types of fitness activities, there has definitely been a need for an innovative range of bras that can accommodate every female athlete.

Nike Pro Bra Collection

Having the wrong size or ill-fitting bra can be catastrophic and deter women from certain types of exercise or working out altogether. I was appalled when I discovered that 1 in 5 Canadian women ages 18-34 have avoided a workout because they didn’t have the right sized bra and more alarming, 46% had no idea that an ill-fitting bra can have a negative impact on their health.

Nike Pro Rival Bra

The new Nike Pro Bra Collection (out next week) will feature 5 bras designed for different levels of support. The focal point of the collection is the Nike Pro Rival Bra, which I am wearing above, priced at $75 CDN. It has the highest level of support within the range and will be available in 25 sizes ranging from 30B to 38E. Different aesthetically to the sports bras I’ve worn most of my life, the Rival was inspired by lingerie construction using sport appropriate materials. It is the only bra in the new collection with separate full-molded and contoured cups to deliver additional support and shaping. Other styles that will be offered are the new Nike Pro Fierce $60, the updated Pro Classic $40; which also comes in a padded version $45 and the Nike Pro Indy $50.

Nike Pro Rival Bra

Photography by Robert Okine – RobertOkine.com
Hydration provided by Vitamin Water

Here’s the skinny…I’ve trained in the Rival over the last week and although it felt odd at first not having the uni-boob situation from the Pro Classic that I adore, once I got over the idea of having both breasts separated, I noticed that I had never experienced that level of comfort before. The best part – it’s versatile enough for running, gym/outdoor training, yoga, pilates, and even with street clothes. The Nike Pro Bra Collection will be available for purchase starting July 9th in Canada at Nike stores, Sporting Life, select Sports Chek locations and sports retailers nationwide and will be available at Nike stores and Nike.com in the U.S. July 14th.

*Starting July 11th, my friends at Nike will be hosting an NTC Pop-Up Studio in Toronto where you ladies can be fitted for one of the styles from the collection using the 360 Nike Fit System, get a chance to trial your bra during one of the daily free NTC workouts and connect with your buddies at the site’s juice bar and patio.

Where:       548 Richmond St. West (near Richmond and Portland) Toronto

When:        July 11th-31st 2014

Schedule:  Mon to Fri 11am – 8pm (NTC workout held @ 6:30 pm) and Sat-Sun 8am – 6pm (NTC workout @ 9am & 4:30 pm)

Visit 548Richmond.com to schedule your bra fitting appointment at the NTC Studio now!

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Luxurious Glamping at The Pop-Up Hotel Glastonbury

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During the Summer months it is not uncommon for a friend or two to ask me if I would be interested in going camping and without fail my answer is always, “No I don’t do camping BUT I am totally into ‘Glamping’ – and by ‘Glamping’, I mean resting my head at a Four Seasons property in an exotic location. It’s obvious that I am not the only one who would only want to take in the outdoors without sacrificing certain amenities. Glamping, which is actually a real thing now, allows people to seek the refuge of nature without forgoing some of life’s luxuries. Since 2011, The Pop-Up Hotel has been visiting some of the most beautiful locations across the UK to provide people with an upscale alternative for festival and event accommodation. The bespoke company’s mantra is “wherever a tent can be pitched, the hotel can ‘pop-up’!” and I can’t help but think why it took so long for someone to develop this concept.

The-Pop-Up Hotel

The Pop-Up Hotel

I first heard of The Pop-Up Hotel from a friend who attended Glastonbury Music Festival this year and I was immediately compelled to find out everything possible about this unique and luxurious temporary accommodation. Providing all the amenities one would expect staying at a hotel, The Pop-Up Hotel provides guests with pillows, duvets, crisp linens, double size beds, lighting, toiletries, in addition to full access to private amenities like showers. Guests at this year’s Glastonbury Pop-Up Hotel received round the clock first class service. Upon check-in, luggage was delivered straight to the tents with round the clock security. In between concert sessions, festival goers could chill by the campfires, dine at the Pop-Up restaurants or hang at the tented sitting room which contained a full service bar.

The Pop-Up Hotel

The Pop-up Hotel

The Pop-Up Hotel

New for this year at the music festival was the Pop-Up Spa which was nestled on the grounds located in five indian hand-painted tents. The spa provided a vast array of treatments for guest to enjoy before a day of concerts or at the end of a long day of partying. Trained therapists and aestheticians from London’s premier spa Elemis also provided body painting and henna tats while a cocktail hair bar provided specialized treatments to keep festival locks ready for Instagram selfies.

The Pop-Up Hotel

If you’re lucky enough to nab tickets to next year’s festival, you can choose from one of 14 room options at The Pop-Up Hotel, which includes the Classic Room a 16 sqft Bell tent, to the uber luxe fully furnished Tenthouse Suite or the ridiculously huge Mughal tent with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, dining and living room totalling 2,000 sqft. Festivals not really your thing? Then head over to the Pop-Up Hotel’s website for further information on other pop-up locations and bespoke private hire services here.

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The Printed “Statement” Pant | What I’m Wearing

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Statement Pants

Over the years my outfits have always consisted of one statement piece, which was usually in the form of a handbag, piece of jewellery or shoes but it was not until recently that I let these items take a back seat and allowed my pants to take all the shine and glory. Over the past few seasons, the “statement” pant has gained popularity. Whether they be wide leg, drop crotch or bold prints, these pants have quickly become a woman’s piece de resistance when dressing.

JCrew Brocade Floral Pants

JCrew Brocade Floral Pants

JCrew Brocade Floral Pants

A few months ago I joined the “Statement Pant Movement” with a pair of custom wide leg trousers from BAZZUL Studios and this Summer I have developed an affinity for printed bottoms. My Mecca for amazing pants that can make anyone stand out in a crowd – is J.Crew. With jacquard, jewelled, silk, crepe, sequin, and brocade (like the one’s I’m wearing here) they have a pant to please everyone. The key to successfully rocking printed pants is easy. Pair them with simple basics, similar to my white silk blouse, or choose colours within the print that allows the trousers to stand out, which I did with my blue hued pumps. The end result is always simple yet chic!

J.Crew Floral Pants

 Photos by Tiffany Sin www.tiffanysphoto.ca

What I’m Wearing: Collection Crop Trouser in Antique Floral by J.Crew // Silk Shirt c/o Ann Taylor // Shoes by Manolo Blahnik // Bag (old) c/o Rebecca Minkoff // Sunnies by Marc by Marc Jacobs // Watch c/o Caravelle New York

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5 Healthy Ways to Spend Your Layover

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Sleep Pods

Although we would all prefer to have direct flights whenever we travel, sometimes we cannot get around having a connection on route to our final destination. Most of us sit around drinking calorie ridden cocktails and noshing on trans-fatty, over-priced snacks, but what if I told you there are some healthy ways to kill the time before the next departure? Check out these healthy amenities at some of the most forward thinking airports across the globe.


SFO Yoga

One of the worst side effects of travelling besides jet leg is begin stiff and sore from cramped economy quarters. Now yogi’s and those wanting to get centred and relieve stress can enjoy yoga sessions at one of four airports in the US. The San Francisco International Airport was the first of it’s kind offering travellers complimentary water refilling stations and 24 hour access followed by Dallas – Fort Worth, Chicago and Burlington, Vermont airports.



Nobody wants to feel deprived when arriving at their final destination and sometimes sleeping on a plane can be both difficult and awkward – and let’s face it, sleeping in a bed totally beats sleeping on a reclined chair mid-flight. If you happen to be travelling through Amsterdamn Schiphol or London’s Heathrow or Gatwick airports, you are in for a treat. Yotel’s chic nap pods come fully equipped with monsoon showers, luxe thread count sheets and free wifi. In Dubai’s International Airport, 10 Snooze Cubes contain full sized beds and are fully sound proof.


SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course

Many travel all over to play at some of the world’s best golf courses, but now you can practice your short game and work on your swing at airport golf courses. The SkyCity Nine Eagle’s Golf Course located at Hong Kong’s International Airport is located on a beautiful little island and offers equipment rentals, luggage storage, a pro shop, flood lighting for night playing and a Thai restaurant.  Seoul’s Incheon Airport has Golf City located in the International Business Centre which boasts an 18 hole putting course, 330 yard driving range, fitness centre, sauna and swing analysis room.


Elemis Spa Heathrow Airport

Remember when airport spa treatments only consisted of a 10 minute neck massage or express manicure alongside a departure gate? Well now you can find spa amenities that rival any high-end spa, many with private treatment rooms where travellers can enjoy hydrating oxygen facials and hot stone massages. The most lavish spa I’ve encountered in an airport is the Absolute Spa at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport. With 5 private rooms offering over 130 treatments such as Hawaiian coconut lomi lomi massages and detox baths. Other notable mentions; Elemis Spa at London’s Heathrow Airport, OraOxygen Spa in Calgary,  The Ultimate Transit Haven Spa in Singapore Changi Airport, Xpress Spa at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, OM Spa at the Hong Kong International Airport, and the Timeless Spa in Dubai’s International Airport.


Goodlife Toronto Pearson Airport

For those wanting a more calorie burning way to spend their layover, several airports have opened gyms for in-transit passengers. Only a few operate independently within a terminal, while most of the others are inside hotel’s connected to the airport. Passengers who are willing to pay a small fee can have access to pools, weight rooms, cardio machines, showers and sometimes a steam room and sauna. Going the extra mile…Munich’s Kempinski Airport Hotel & Fitness offers personal training sessions while Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Goodlife location offers luggage storage, change room, showers, in addition to Reebok shoe and clothing rentals.

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