Cadillac CT6 Sedan

For the last year and a half I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with General Motors Canada and their diverse portfolio of brands. Very early on in our relationship, I was drawn to the offerings of the Cadillac brand. If you have been reading my blog for a while you are well aware of my passion for cars which I credit to my father’s influence. Like many other car enthusiasts, I had the common misconception that only Germans knew about performance and could make cars for “drivers” while North American companies focused on making vehicles for “passengers” with fancy bells and whistles. Well, boy was I ever wrong! Something special has been happening with Cadillac over the last year and the brand’s focus has been on finding ways to marry the worlds of performance, technology and luxury design within their fleet of vehicles. I had the privileged of getting behind the wheel of Cadillac’s SRX, ATS, CTS, CTS Sport, XTS (you can check out my road trip experience with it here) last year and it changed my view on North American cars forever.

Cadillac started 2015 off with bang. In January during the Oscars, the brand launched it’s new “Dare Greatly” campaign as part of their strategy to reposition Cadillac as a distinctive alternative to it’s German competitors. Throughout the Academy Awards broadcast, four commercials aired to promote their new CT6 luxury sedan featuring individuals with inspiring stories of how they have taken risks in their careers and included fashion designer Jason Wu and Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak. Aside from the attractive body of the vehicle that made a small cameo appearance towards the end of the first commercial, I personally was intrigued by the message because of the risks I have taken myself to get to where I am today.

I had the privilege of going to New York City at the beginning of April with a handful of Canadian media to witness the world premiere of the CT6 full size sedan and to attend the New York International Auto Show. Cadillac has long been known for it’s extravagant parties and this one was no exception. Guests walked from the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park to the pier, where we caught branded water taxis to Duggal Greenhouse at the Naval Yards in Brooklyn and got serenaded by Grammy winner Raphael Saadiq at the end of the night. Revealing the brand’s most luxurious vehicle to date in New York was fitting as Cadillac plans to relocate its headquarters to the Big Apple from Detroit, which is a move that can help them reach more luxury buyers.  What can you expect to see from the vehicle Cadillac hopes will be the catalyst into the super premium category?

Cadillac CT6 RevealCadillac President Johan de Nysschen unveiling the 2016 Cadillac CT6 full size sedan

Cadillac CT6 Reveal

Cadillac CT6 Reveal

Cadillac CT6 Reveal

Although the frame is constructed of more than 10 different materials, it is somehow still the world’s lightest and most agile full size luxury performance sedan. Easy on the eyes, the body of the CT6 is super sleek and sophisticated but it’s inside the cabin where all the magic happens. Upon entering the car, it’s hard not to notice the quality materials used, the hand stitched and cut & sewn tailored interior – that closely mimics the tailoring in the fashion industry. I am sure driving this machine or sitting shot gun is where most want to be in the CT6, but I love that Cadillac is redefining the rear seat passenger experience. With best in-class rear leg room, two high-def TV screens, quad zone cooling & heating, not to mention reclining seats…I would be more than happy to be relegated to the backseat.

Cadillac CT6 Reveal

Cadillac CT6 Reveal

Always on the forefront of technology advancements in their vehicles, Cadillac is stepping up their game ensuring that driving this car will not only be enjoyable but safe. The all new Bose Panaray system boasts 34 strategically placed speakers to ensure each passenger experiences concert hall sound quality. Surround view-video recording capabilities that can be used while driving, a 360-degree camera and a night vision cam that can detect animals and humans by heat signature and much more.

Cadillac CT6 RevealPhotos courtesy of Cadillac and General Motors

Click here for more information on what else you can find in the all new CT6 and head to for more information on the brand’s full portfolio. Production of this vehicle begins at the end of the year and scheduled to hit roads early in 2016.


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