Late night parties, one too many cocktails, lack of H20 consumption and of course carb ridden canapés during the Toronto International Film Festival caused my poor skin to have a breakdown. My post festival wish was to magically find a way to restore my skin back to the supple, hydrated and smooth appearance I had at the beginning of September. This would be no small feat and believed that it would take several weeks of healthy eating, no drinking and possibly a juice cleanse (which to be honest, what I should be doing anyways) to get back to my skin status quo. I have considered myself extremely lucky to have heard about a new facial treatment from a fellow blogger buddy that replaces microdermabrasian, chemical peels and oxygen facials. And wait for it…is also non-invasive and only a 14-minute process. Recently released in Canada by a cutting edge aesthetic tech company named Pollogen now known as my beauty fairy godmother, the OxyGeneo facial infuses intense regenerating nutrients into the face and oxygenates the skin from within.

I must admit, I was a bit worried that this treatment would be too similar to microdermabrasion, which I have never tried but hear that it can be painful and cause skin irritation post procedure, but I was advised not to worry that it would be pain-free and actually a bit relaxing. Intrigued, I settled onto the bed and a small applicator wand, resembling one that is used during an ultrasound, was used to apply  NeoRevive a nutrient rich gel with peptides and retinol onto my skin’s surface which was combined with NeoBright, a gel that safely lightens and brightens containing azelaic and kojic acid. Within seconds, I felt my face heating up in addition to a tingling sensation, which I’m told is the normal reaction when the Capsugen and gel interact on the skin’s surface – and I also noticed that the gel on my face started to turn into a bubbly lather. This turns out to just be the Capugen doing it’s job cleaning and exfoliating. While the gel is being massaged into one’s skin, oxygen rich blood travels to the face, increasing the metabolism of skin cells and promoting absorption of nutrients, which includes hyaluronic acid; natures plumping and smoothing agent that is found in many injectable fillers. After 7 minutes my faced was then cleansed of the frothy layer and the exact same gel was applied to my face again, this time with hands instead of the applicator wand during a 7 minute facial massage. Strangely enough, no tingling or warming sensation – apparently it only occurs when the Capsugen is used in conjunction with the gel.

Post procedure I was beyond pleased with the results, which were immediate may I add. My complexion appeared more even and my skin literally felt soft as a baby’s bottom. The best part, unlike regular peels and facials, there was minimal skin irritation and I was able to put on make-up right after, which wasn’t really even necessary with the way my skin looked .

The Cost: Expect to pay anywhere between $150-200 for the treatment.

Where: The treatment is very new to the Canadian market but can be found at select medical spas and clinics in Canada. Head to www.geneo.ca for locations and additional information!


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