I’ve fallen off the wagon recently and with an extremely hectic schedule coupled with late night events where cocktails and passed canapes flow freely, my diet is in desperate need of a makeover. As a woman on the go, it’s been a constant challenge to find healthy food choices in the city that I can grab  quickly without compromising the clean lifestyle I desperately want to maintain. For month’s I’ve passed Fuel+’s store front and remained curious as to what it was all about until last week when I finally stopped in and sampled the delish items on their fall/winter menu.

Fuel+ Spicy Ginger Chai

Fuel+ Spicy Ginger Chai

Anyone who takes eating clean seriously is well aware that doing so comes at a price – and a high one at that. Like hello…have you ever bought groceries for two at Whole Foods? I have…and was worried I would have to re-mortgage my condo to continue doing so. Finally there’s a spot in the city that is committed to providing healthy food options at an affordable price point. A year ago partners Chester Wong and Gary Taylor opened up this multifaceted space that acts as a cafe, health food store and take-out counter and have gained throngs of devoted customers, who like myself, are amazed at how tasty the vegan and vegetarian eats are while also being gluten and guilt free. I sat down with the owners over some homemade gingerale and noshed on just about every item on the menu when I discovered that neither of the gents had a past in the health and wellness industry but rather Wong opened and operated Apple stores in Canada, the U.S. and China, while Taylor was the store director at Sephora’s Toronto flagship at the Eaton Centre. After pondering about potential business ventures, they decided to use their passion for healthy food to birth this boutique wellness store that serves plant based protein shakes, smoothies, a variety of hot meal options, hot bevvies and treats including my favourite – the “I can’t believe its gluten-free brownie”!

Fuel+ Mike's Kitchen

If you feel inclined to lick your screen above…don’t worry, I am sure you won’t be the only one. Fuel+ now features Mike’s Kitchen meals and all ingredients are not only gluten free but sourced locally from Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market. The Marinated Veggie Salad, Gluten Free Pasta & Peanut Salad and Organic Gluten Free Pasta Al Forno can be purchased for only $5.99, if you can believe it!

As if the concept of Fuel+ wasn’t cool enough already, the store also plays host to running groups 3-4 nights a week and even offers community lockers in the back of the store for runners personal items while they pond the pavement for 5-10 kms.

My “Must-Have” items from the menu:

– Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Protein Shake
– Gluten-Free Brownie
– Kiwi Kale Detox
– Cranberry Fuel Balls
– Spiced Ginger Chai Latte

Where to find Fuel+: 471 Church Street. Toronto, ON M4Y 2C5. 647.352.8807. For more information head to www.fuelplus.ca


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