Jabra Wireless Headphones

Since I started running regularly, I’ve always wished someone would come out with wireless headphones that not only look great but matches the functionality of other high end, noise cancelling headphones. If you lead an active lifestyle you would probably agree that there is nothing more annoying than an extra long wire dangling down your side from your headphones while running or working out. Thankfully, Jabra has answered my prayers with two of their tech savvy and stylish products; REVO Wireless Headphones and Solemate speakers. I’ve been happily testing out the REVO wireless headphones (pictured above) for over a month now and I keep asking myself how I was living without them for all this time. With High-Def Dolby Digital Plus, the sound is unreal and is compatible with iPods, iPhones and iPads via wireless connectivity. As if they were manufactured for clumsy people like me, these headphones are engineered with solid materials – an aluminum frame, shatterproof headband and steel hinges…making them super durable. With it’s extra long battery life, up to 72 hours, its also the perfect companion for travel.

Jabra Wireless SpeakersWant a way to share your music on the go with your peeps? Jabra has that covered as well with Solemate. The wireless speakers come in three sizes, the smallest being the size of an iPhone but has enough sound power to get the party started and comes in a variety of colours. Equipped with a splash/dust resistant cover and durable rubber sole, these speakers are almost indestructible. The size makes it easy to bring along to a get-together or to the beach…and would be a perfect gift for a loved one during the holidays.

For more information on Jabra and their cool products head over to www.jabra.com.

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