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On the days I decide to wear my hair straight, which is more often than not, I prefer the bone straight look and yes it can be a pain to achieve and maintain I won’t lie. The blow drying and flat ironing process can be excruciating and prolonged exposure of heat to your tresses can also be harmful to your hair’s health. Alas, the OSIS+ team strikes again with two products that promise to dramatically reduce blow drying time and leave your hair voluminously thick or sleek and  smooth.

BLOW & GO “Thick” Blow Dry Spray

Schwarzkopf Osis Blow And Go Thick  200ml RED LABEL

This leave-in blow dry spray is perfect for fine, limp hair that’s in dire need of some assistance achieving extra volume. It also adds light styling control to your look which is great however I did find that it left a tiny bit of residue to my hair but it was almost worth it with the body and shine it added. My hair is already pretty thick so I don’t actually require to much volume but it is fun to have the option when I want rejuvenating voluminous Victoria Secret hair.

How To Use It: Divide hair into sections and spray evenly into hair. Create added volume by blow drying roots upwards. Blow dry and style your hair with either a round brush or paddle, depending on hair type. FYI…for my type of hair I CANNOT use a round brush and must defer to the paddle.

*Secret Tip: I have experimented with this spray on my hair when it’s curly and when applied on wet hair in conjunction with Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS’s Curl Me Soft cream, it gives me extra voluminous curls.

BLOW & GO “Smooth” Blow Dry Spray

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Blow and Go Smooth-200

This is the wonder spray for anyone that has mild to ultra frizzy hair or wears extensions and wants to achieve hair that’s super smooth and sleek. It’s actually amazing at combating frizz so I would be really surprised if this isn’t one of OSIS’s top sellers. This product would be brilliant during the summer months when warmer, humid weather causes my hair to become a bit unruly.

How To Use It:  Divide hair into sections and spray evenly into hair. Blow dry the hair in a downwards motion with a flat, paddle brush which I find works well on all hair hypes.

*Secret Tip: I’ve been using this spray with the brand’s Flat Liner spray that I apply to my hair after blow drying and right before flat ironing for an effortless, ultra sleek look.

The verdict…each spray reduced my blow drying time down by about 8-10 minutes, leaving me to only suffer through this tedious process for about 20-25 minutes prior to flat ironing. In my opinion, I preferred the Blow & Go “Smooth” product and loved how it worked so well with the other OSIS products for straight hair. Click here for more information on the Blow & Go Duo sprays. Both can be found at a Schwarzkopf Professional Salon near you!


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