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My Current Faves in One Look

I have blossomed out of nowhere it seems within the last 4-6 weeks. That mini baby bump I was rocking in the second trimester has long gone my friends and now it looks like I have swallowed a damn basketball. Truthfully, I don’t remember the last time I saw my feet. The fatigue is really setting in now. Partially because its exhausting lugging around all this extra weight and at night sleep is becoming non-existent, with aches and pains that wake me up periodically. I was just mentioning last week on IG that some times (like today!) I wish I could just stay in bed and sleep/eat my way to the finish line. But no such luck…I still have a few more weeks of work before I can take a much needed break before Bean comes.

So Sasha - Hatch Collection Harbour Dress

So Sasha - Hatch Collection Harbour Dress

On a more positive note, the best part about being in the third trimester during this time of the year is the clothes. I don’t know what the hell I would have done if this was December. The thought of having to get outwear two sizes larger than what I normally wear and being confined to tights, maternity jeans and sweaters for an entire season freaks me out. To say I’ve been enjoying wearing cute dresses, flowy maxi’s and off-the-shoulder anything, is an understatement. I wore this Hatch Collection Harbour Dress I scooped up a couple months ago from Ani & Wren last week to meetings and got so many compliments from both pregnant and non-pregnant women. It has been one of my favourite pieces this summer and it’s currently on sale, so here’s your last chance to grab yours before it’s sold out!

So Sasha - Hatch Collection Harbour Dress
Photos by Jess Baumung

Wearing:  Dress |  Sunglasses |  Bag

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Stepping Into Fall With Transitional Chic Booties

Vince Camuto KlaytonDressing for the transition between seasons can be fun sometimes but seldom easy. Having to make decisions between skirts or pants, light or dark colours, fabric choices and of course footwear. Choosing a pair of shoes can pose as a difficult task because you don’t want to look like that crazed lunatic wearing sandals when it’s cool outside but you also don’t want your feet sweating and swelling in boots if the day turns out to be 27 degrees celsius. My two transitional fashion rules have always been; 1) Leave the house with layers. If you get hot you can alway remove something and on those cool fall evenings you have something to throw on or put over your shoulders to keep you warm and 2) Invest in a pair of stylish shoes that can take you from summer to fall in serious style.

Vince Camuto Klayton Booties

This season I will be swapping my sandals for open toe booties. They’re summery enough to allow me to show off my pedicure, yet still keep me warm on cooler nights.  The versatility of these chic booties from the newly opened Vince Camuto flagship store in Toronto, will definitely mean they will be in high rotation over the next few months.

Vince Camuto Klayton Bootie

Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto is just one of the many international brands that have been gracing Toronto with their presence and to celebrate the brand’s arrival and opening of it’s flagship store in the city, I would like to invite you all to join us for refreshments, music, to view the collection and meet the footwear visionary himself this Friday September 5th… I look forward to seeing you there!

Vince Camuto Toronto

What I’m Wearing: Klayton Booties c/o Vince Camuto // Pleated Midi Skirt by Zara // Denim Shirt (old) by Madewell // Tank c/o Artizia // Bag c/o Nella Bella // Necklace (old) c/o Ann Taylor // Sunnies by Ray Ban

Getting To Know Ann Taylor’s Creative Director Lisa Axelson

Lisa Axelson

Not too long after launching my site I was blessed with the opportunity to partner with Ann Taylor so the company is very near and dear to my heart. Living in the U.S. for several years I was already familiar with the brand but became an official part of their family when I was named a Brand Ambassador a year and a half ago. Over the course of this time, I have seen the brand transform from creating classic workwear collections for the mature career women to really providing chic and comfy separates that fits into the lifestyle of every woman, of any age. Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the woman that dresses America (and now Canada), Ann Taylor Creative Director Lisa Axelson, and got to pick her brain as to what inspires her day -to-day, insight into her personal style, current obsessions, things she can’t live without and a sneak peek at the upcoming holiday collection!

SE: Each season I look forward to seeing a new twist on the brand with the launch of each collection, with of course a few classic mainstays. What can women expect to see with your upcoming Holiday collection?

LA: I grew up between Seattle and Vancouver and there’s something about the holidays that get me nostalgic about home. Rustic and authentic rugged textures are the main theme but it was important that we made it really modern and urban for today’s woman while keeping it comfy and chic. It is all about bringing the texture into the brand that was inspired by mountains and tress. You will really see my love of knitwear this season. Taking traditional woollens and tweeds and transforming them. We have a plaid coat in black, grey and white, very traditional colours, but the wool is brushed at the mill, pressed and the inside is bonded to neoprene. Neoprene is really huge right now and gives the jacket a really great sculptural look.

Ann Taylor Winter Holiday Collection 2014

SE: Let’s chat about fabrics. There’s seems to be a wide variety of them in your upcoming holiday collection. Probably more than I have seen in any of your past collections…

LA: I love fabric in general and doing new things with fabric, especially at our price point.  You always see fabric experimentation at the high end and I feel that it’s so hard to get that level of experimentation at a lower price point. You will see quite a bit of vegan leather next season…animal friendly AND at a great price point.

SE: I took a sneak peek of the holiday collection before our chat and clearly have my faves. What pieces are near and dear to your heart that you feel will be must-haves?

LA: We have a white textured sweater that I adore and I feel resembles cracked snow. There is also a backless tuxedo jumpsuit that I wore to this year’s CFDA’s. Olivia Palermo was my date for the evening and I felt so cool and chic in my look beside her which is amazing. The bootie is my absolute hands-down favourite shoe from the entire collection. You name it; the “Biker” bootie, the “Quilted” bootie…I love them all. The leather jogger will be my go-to travel pant this Fall with a cashmere sweater and trainers. I am not schlepping around Paris in high heels…I’m just not! *laughs*

Ann Taylor 2014 Holiday Collection

Ann Taylor 2014 Holiday Collection

Ann Taylor 2014 Holiday Collection

SE: I love how passionate you are about these items. What are some of your other current obsessions these days?

LA: I am obsessed with all things comfortable. Sweatshirts in brocade fabrics, leather that is comfy and not restricted and outerwear. No closet is truly complete without a few key outerwear pieces!!!

Ann Taylor 2014 Holiday Collection

SE: I have to be completely honest, I really love your style. You seem to have perfected the “Effortlessly Chic” vibe. Can you share more on your personal style?

LA: Some days call for me to be a bit more formal, so I’m more tailored and pulled together, while on other days I’m the happiest in jeans, a cool top, a jacket over top and some sneakers. I show up to the office looking different every day depending on my work day. There are those days where I have to dash off to a dinner party afterwards in which I throw on some jewellery and exchange the sneakers for a pair of heels.

SE: In the last year or so I have noticed the brand has gone from workwear for the corporate woman to now creating chic and comfortable separates that fit into every woman’s lifestyle for a much wider age demographic. Do you feel pressure to keep up and top every season?

LA: Yes and yes. I don’t know if any of us would be any good if we didn’t feel some sort of pressure. I’ve always felt some sort of pressure since my days at design school.  I frequently have that moment and say to myself, “Oh my God, what if I don’t have the next idea? What is I can’t come up with that moment, that colour, that something that lights my fire?” To help with the design process my team and I  frequently go through the different scenarios of a woman’s life to help in developing a collection that mirrors today’s woman’s lifestyle…which is a bit of a challenge with there being little separation between work, home life and social. And it can be daunting because the deadlines come faster and faster and there’s pressure to deliver for a brand this big but we just have to get passed it and not dwell on it so we can find the inspiration.

SE: Speaking of inspiration, I have always wondered how designers and creative directors do it; find inspiration that is. Do you go out of your way to find it or do you just let it come to you?

LA: I think every designer is different, but for me I almost always have to be out of the office, like away from deadlines, tasks, like out of the work environment and from people asking me questions. *giggles*

SE: That’s pretty funny…but I am guessing you are being dead serious…

LA: Yes…it could be 3am and I’m half asleep and something hits me, a trip to Europe or a week off on Summer vacation. I just find that I have to get away from it and let my mind relax and the ideas just float to the surface. Interior design and architecture tends to flood my inspiration a lot in credit to my parents. My Dad was an Architect who owned his own firm and my Mother worked for him. I was always around it so I often look to that to get my first spark of inspiration. I actually love starting with something that’s non-fashion related because it forces you to think more openly, instead of combing the catwalks because then you are just repeating something someone already did. So I prefer looking to art, books (I love to read) that get me thinking about a storyline. Hemingway’s Moveable Feast was the inspiration for a Fall collection a few seasons ago.

Ann Taylor 2014 Holiday Collection

SE: Outside of the collection, what are three things that you just couldn’t live without?

LA: Ha…there are quite a few things that I can’t live without. First, maybe Summer vacay. Family…because without them I would never get through the hard times and my iPad – the device for all things inspiring. It’s single handedly changed my life *laughs*. Maybe not for better because it’s with me all the time. Between blogs, shopping, email, music. I do so much research and get really inspired. I mean…forget about it…Pinterest! Once I start, I can’t stop. It is like the rabbit hole.  If it’s 3am and I can’t sleep, there I am tapping and pining my life away.

After viewing some of the key pieces and what Axelson believes are the pillars to the upcoming 2014 Holiday Ann Taylor collection, I am convinced that they will have all your office party, cocktails with the girls, date nights outfit needs and everything in between covered this holiday season. I will be sure to give more updates before the collection hits stores and online. For more information on Ann Taylor and to view their current collection click here – and make sure to follow the brand on Instagram and Twitter for some style inspiration!

The Printed “Statement” Pant | What I’m Wearing

Statement Pants

Over the years my outfits have always consisted of one statement piece, which was usually in the form of a handbag, piece of jewellery or shoes but it was not until recently that I let these items take a back seat and allowed my pants to take all the shine and glory. Over the past few seasons, the “statement” pant has gained popularity. Whether they be wide leg, drop crotch or bold prints, these pants have quickly become a woman’s piece de resistance when dressing.

JCrew Brocade Floral Pants

JCrew Brocade Floral Pants

JCrew Brocade Floral Pants

A few months ago I joined the “Statement Pant Movement” with a pair of custom wide leg trousers from BAZZUL Studios and this Summer I have developed an affinity for printed bottoms. My Mecca for amazing pants that can make anyone stand out in a crowd – is J.Crew. With jacquard, jewelled, silk, crepe, sequin, and brocade (like the one’s I’m wearing here) they have a pant to please everyone. The key to successfully rocking printed pants is easy. Pair them with simple basics, similar to my white silk blouse, or choose colours within the print that allows the trousers to stand out, which I did with my blue hued pumps. The end result is always simple yet chic!

J.Crew Floral Pants

 Photos by Tiffany Sin www.tiffanysphoto.ca

What I’m Wearing: Collection Crop Trouser in Antique Floral by J.Crew // Silk Shirt c/o Ann Taylor // Shoes by Manolo Blahnik // Bag (old) c/o Rebecca Minkoff // Sunnies by Marc by Marc Jacobs // Watch c/o Caravelle New York

Weekend Wear | Oxford Shirt + Vintage Denim

Ann Taylor Striped Long Sleeve Shirt

There is something about a classic oxford button shirt that I have always been drawn to. About 7 years ago I begun to see the Olsen twins wearing them in unexpected ways; with leather pants, distressed denim and with vintage shorts and I immediately adopted several for my wardrobe. There are few qualities that help make the perfect oxford shirt in my opinion…1) quality fabric with a tiny bit of stretch for a flattering fit, 2) sleeves long enough to cover my lengthy arms and 3) machine washable – as I already spend enough money at the dry cleaners. All of the above can be found in Ann Taylor’s Striped oxford shirt.

Ann Taylor Striped Perfect Long Sleeve Shirt

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor Spring Collection

Weekend flower market runs in the city calls for effortlessly chic look. I paired my shirt and vintage Levi’s with Ann Taylor’s nude bow pumps and crossbody bag. Not shown above, but the shirt has a shirttail hem, making it look put together even when it’s worn un-tucked.

Ann Taylor Spring Collection

Ann Taylor Spring CollectionPhotos by Tiffany Sin www.tiffanysphoto.ca

What I’m Wearing: Petite Striped Perfect Long Sleeve Shirt courtesy of Ann Taylor // Vintage Denim Shorts by Levi // Belt by Hermes // Brogan Bow Leather Pumps courtesy of Ann Taylor // Town Crossbody Bag courtesy of Ann Taylor // Sunnies courtesy of Call It Spring

Spring Essentials | Neutrals & The Perfect Trench

Ann Taylor Trench Coat

As I sulked all winter I spent quite a bit of time day dreaming about what I plan to wear next season once spring has arrived and now that it’s here (well…sort of), it’s time for me to start putting those plans into action. First on my list was to immediately ditch some of the black I have been habitually wearing since November because I have mourning the death of Summer 2013. For the first time  in what seems like forever, I’ve pulled together a look featuring a gorgeous subtle snakeskin midi skirt and sweater that plays up the neutral colours in the rest of the outfit and headed to my all-time favourite bake shop in the city PS by Pretty Sweet.

Ann Taylor Flutter Print Skirt

Ann Taylor Flutter Print Skirt

PS By Pretty SweetPS By Pretty Sweet’s famous blondies, chocolate chip cookies, coconut macarons and brownies – baked fresh daily

Plan B, get a classic trench, which I scored a few weeks ago from the Ann Taylor location at Yorkdale. This timeless, double breasted trench is part of the brand’s “A-List” essentials and has classic details and a stand-up collar, that I am sure will make anyone still look chic even in torrential downpour.

Ann Taylor Flutter Print Skirt

Ann Taylor Timless Trench Coat

Photography by Tiffany Sin www.tiffanysphoto.ca

What I’m Wearing: Timeless Trench Coat found here // Flutter Print Skirt found here // Sweater found here // Heels found here – all pieces courtesy of Ann Taylor

Chic Weekend Wear | What I’m Wearing

Ann Taylor Epaulet Stripe Sweater

Now that Toronto Fashion Week has finally come to a close, I’ve replaced my amazing custom pieces (that I have been blessed to wear throughout the week) with a more laid back look that still manages to look stylish. Everyone has their own interpretation of “Weekend Wear”, but I like to go for a chic, relaxed look that can take me from brunch with my family, shopping with friends to an early evening date. My Ann Taylor peeps have begun shipping their amazing Spring collection into stores now, which is choked full of classic essentials that you will no doubt want to incorporate into your wardrobe this season. The brand has rounded up these pieces, referred to as the “The A-List”, which you will be seeing more of here in the coming weeks. However, this weekend, it was all about this textured sweater with long raglan sleeves and side slits, that I paired with leather pants and a vintage hat.

Ann Taylor Epulet Stripe Sweater

Ann Taylor "The A List"

Ann Taylor Epaulet Stripe Sweater

Ann Taylor Epaulet Stripe SweaterPhotography by Tiffany Sin www.tiffanysphoto.ca

What I’m Wearing: Epaulet Stripe Sweater courtesy of Ann Taylor // Hat (old) Vintage // Crossbody Bag (old) similar here // Watch courtesy of Caravelle New York // Sunnies by Marc Jacobs

Plenty of Pleats and & Colour Blocked Moto | What I’m Wearing

Ann Taylor Kick Pleat Skirt

While most may think a leather moto jacket is one dimensional, I find them to be versatile and allows the wearer to expertly juxtapose items that are not necessarily expected to go together. It is a key investment piece that everyone should have in their closet due to it’s ability to transform an outfit within seconds. Case in point, my pretty pleated knee length skirt and wool turtleneck (aka the perfect day date outfit) is the ultimate preppy look but the croc embossed colour blocked jacket with gold detailing has some edge, making this outfit appropriate for evening. Staying on the theme of versatility, my clutch from Canadian vegan handbag line Nella Bella is actually just one part of the brand’s multifaceted “London” bag which actually converts to create 11 different handbag styles from clutch, messenger, cosmetic pouch, and tote.

Whitney Eve Moto Jacket

Ann Taylor Kick Pleat Skirt

Ann Taylor Kick Pleat SkirtWhitney Eve Moto JacketWhitney Eve Moto Jacket

Photography by Samantha Clarke www.samanthaclarke.net

What I’m Wearing: Kick Pleat Skirt courtesy of  Ann Taylor // Moto Jacket courtesy of Whitney Eve // London bag courtesy of Nella Bella // Turtleneck courtesy of Ann Taylor // Heels (old) courtesy of Ann Taylor // Watch courtesy of Caravelle  // Sunnies by Marc Jacobs

Embracing The Wide Leg Trouser Movement | What I’m Wearing

Bazzul Toronto

As a habitual skinny jeans and leather pants wearer for the last seven years (at least), I believed that there would be nothing or nobody that could get me into wide leg trousers but leave it up to BAZZUL Designer and Creative Director Felicia Burke to get me out of my fashion comfort zone. Whenever I get a chance to work with Burke she always ups the ante on my style game with a garment that people can’t stop talking about for weeks.

BAZZUL Toronto

BAZZUL Toronto


Wide leg pants have been making a major comeback and literally popped up everywhere on style stars throughout the fashion week circuit in New York, London, and Milan. It is almost  as if in the blink of an eye, every cool girl has decided to ditch their skinnies for billowing, baggy slacks. The detail on these trousers are on another level with mega large pleats and a unique, tapered hem line. So spectacular in fact, anything paired with them takes a back seat.

Bazzul Photography by www.tiffanysphoto.ca

What I’m Wearing: Custom Wide Leg Pleated Trousers c/o BAZZUL Toronto // Blouse (old) c/o Ann Taylor // Moto Leather Jacket (old) c/o Gap // Shoes by Christian Louboutin // Hat Vintage // Watch by Caravelle New York // Handbag by Chanel

Luxe Leather by J.Crew Collection | What I’m Wearing

J.Crew Leather Skirt

Real fans of J.Crew are already well aware of the brand’s “Lust List” pieces they launch under their separate and exclusive line,  J.Crew Collection. For those who are unfamiliar with this hidden gem, J.Crew’s Creative Director and internal ambassador Jenna Lyons explains that, “the Collection started as an idea of taking the classic elements of what we do at J.Crew and giving you a psychedelic, amped-up version of that.” Although the price points are significantly higher than regular J.Crew; you can expect to pay anywhere between $210-800 for skirts, $198-750 for pants and $350-1,200 for jackets…from season to season I cannot help myself from making a few purchases.

J.Crew Collection Leather Skirt

Aldo Drover Sandals

J.Crew Leather Collection Skirt

This lambskin skirt was actually purchased two seasons ago and has sat in my closet ever since waiting for it’s debut…proving that both the oxblood and leather trends are here to stay. Although this skirt is no longer available, J.Crew Collection has some super chic leather items this season that I felt compelled to share. For a line that doesn’t specialize in leather they are sure giving legit leather brands a run for their money. Are you a leather lover? Then these should be on your wishlist this season: Collection Leather Motorcycle Jacket, Collection Leather Shorts, Collection Fluted Leather Skirt, Collection Metallic Leather Pencil Skirt, and the Collection Leather Pant.

Aldo Drover Sandals

J.Crew Collection Leather Skirt

Shot at Toronto’s Le Germain Hotel – Photography by www.tiffanysphoto.ca

What I’m Wearing: Lambskin Leather Skirt (old) by J.Crew Collection // Drover Sandals by Aldo Shoes // Denim Shirt (old) by J.Crew similar vibes here // Accessories by Ann Taylor


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