5 Long Black Dresses That Won’t Break The Bank

A “Little Black Dress” is the one item every woman is encouraged to always have in their closet. Perfect for every single occasion I am sure we would all agree. A few months ago I started thinking it was time that I add another kind of LBD into my wardrobe. A long black dress! It’s always good to have options for any type of ever that can be thrown your way. My closet is chock full of options for semi-formal stuff but if I had to go to a red carpet thing or formal shindig last minute and couldn’t pull a dress from a designer in time, I would be S.O.L. In anticipation of a few weddings we had coming up, I decided to step outside my normal ‘few inches above the knee’ bodycon box, because let’s be honest I am still rocking a bit of a mum tummy, and start shopping for full length dress options. Before baby I would spent oodles of time going store to store – trying on options until I found the one. However since Maxwell, I don’t really have that luxury. Funny enough, I have spent a considerable amount of time online shopping while breastfeeding so it took no time at all full length dress options that are perfect wedding season, the holiday season and any other formal event in between.

5 Long Black Dresses That Won't Break The Bank - So Sasha

5 Long Black Dresses That Won't Break The Bank - So Sasha

5 Long Black Dresses That Won't Break The Bank - So Sasha
Photos by Jess Baumung

This one shoulder dress I scooped from Lulus.com looked like it could have cost $1000 but believe it or not, it was under $100. Literally a steal! With all these dresses under $200, it’s guilt free shopping at it’s best.

More “Long Black Dresses” That Won’t Break The Bank


Wrangler Launches First Pair of Moisturizing Denim

Wrangler Denim Spa

Iconic American denim brand, Wrangler has recently released a new line of jeans called “Denim Spa” that – wait for it…promises to sooth the skin and combat cellulite. Yes, you can read the last sentence correctly and you can now pick your mouth up from the floor. It’s almost as if the fashion and beauty Gods have read the minds of women everywhere who have insecurities about those pesky fat deposits that have decided to take residence in between the layers of skin on our legs. These groundbreaking, pioneering skinnies incorporate high-performing skincare ingredients to help protect your legs from denim’s dehydrating effects. And if you wear jeans daily, like it’s your job, then you may want to continue reading.

The “Denim Spa” line comes in three different finishes – “olive extract”, “aloe vera” and “smooth legs”, with the latter aiming to prevent cellulite, with hydrating properties that include natural oils and butters like passion fruit oil, rosehip oil, apricot kernel oil, shea butter and monoi de Tahiti – a special Polynesian ingredient that is made using Tiare flower buds soaked in refined coconut oil. Additional ingredients include caffeine (which has long been known to combat cellulite), retinol and algae extract. These ingredients are enclosed in micro-capsules and embedded in the fiber in the jeans. When you squeeze yourself into a pair, the capsules burst and rub the specially formulated ingredients into your skin – GASP!

 Wrangler Denim Spa

The brand has taped model Elizabeth “Lizzie” Jagger as the spokesperson for both their print and video campaigns and in one of the short film’s for the line she claims, “They definitely feel cooler than regular jeans. After a day wearing them, my legs feel great – they come out feeling more silky than usual.” My initial question, which may also be yours, “how long can these miracle ingredients last in the jeans with frequent washing and wearing?” The effects of the natural ingredients is said to last up to 15 days, however a reload spray is also available for purchase meaning the formula lasts between 67 to 95 washes – not bad at all.

The Wrangler Denim Spa line is now on sale at every gal’s fave online retailer, Asos for $150. I must admit, I am pretty tempted to order a pair and see if they actually deliver on their claims. I am a bit of a pessimist sometimes when it comes to topical agents that promise to combat skincare/beauty concerns and feel that these issues are usually due to lifestyle, diet, exercise (or lack thereof) and predisposed genetics. Most likely due to genetics and exercise, I do not currently have a battle with cellulite however, during these cold, dry Canadian winters, I sure could use some extra hydration on my legs after wearing jeans day after day.

What are your thoughts on the line? Something you would consider trying out for yourself?



Last Minute New Year’s Eve Outifts For Every Occassion


Within the blink of an eye 2012 has come and gone and we are on the brink of yet another New Year’s Eve…which no doubt causes a conundrum for even the savviest of fashionistas, especially when you have not chosen your ensemble. Whether you are lucky enough to ring in the new year in a tropical destination, hitting a chic downtown restaurant, partying alongside celebs at the newest club, attending a private dinner at a friend’s house or simply chilling on your couch with a bottle of Veuve (personally, my go-to choice), here are some outfit suggestions that are sure to eliminate your NYE anxiety…


ASOS PETITE Midi Bodycon Dress


J.Crew Collecction No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Houndstooth Sequin


Dolce Vita Clarice Romper


ZARA Cut Out Bandeau Dress


Rag & Bone Gold Sequin Blazer


Rachel Pally Long Cut Out Resort Dress


Rachel Zoe Selita Blouson Sequin Dress


EQUIPMENT Avery Pajama Set


Reformation Crescent Dress




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