Veuve Cliquot’s YELLOWEEK Comes to Toronto

Veuve Cliquot Yelloweek

Veuve Cliquot, known globally for it’s premium bubbly and synonymous with celebrations and luxurious festivities, has launched YELLOWEEK across Canada; a festival-style “tribute to creativity” showcasing the arts, gastronomy, fashion and lifestyle.  After successfully launching in Montreal last year, the heritage brand will be taking over Toronto May 5th-11th, Calgary & Edmonton May 19th-21st and Vancouver May 22nd-24th.

Toronto Yelloweek kicks of this Monday, May 5th with an exclusive event at the swanky French bistro La Societe where lucky guests will get to preview pieces from Greta Constantine’s collection during Yellow FASHION followed by a series of  events open to the public across the downtown core where you can dine with expertly paired glasses of champers, party at an infamous Kleen Media event with sampling opportunities, celebrate Mother’s Day with a glass of bubbly with your Brassaii brunch, take in artwork inspired by the Cliquot brand or even enjoy your fave spa treatments with a glass of Veuve… Here’s a detailed look at what you can expect during Toronto’s YELLOWEEK

Yelloweek TorontoHappy #YELLOWEEK everyone and be sure to drink responsibly

Poppin’ Bottles: Dom Pérignon x Jeff Koons Unique Collaboration

DomPerignon x Jeff Koons

If you’re an appreciator of art or like me, have a slight addiction to champers, you may have already heard about the limited edition bottle that has been created for the release of Dom Pérignon’s Vintage Rosé and Vintage 2004. The brand of vintage bubbly, produced by Champagne house Moët & Chandon and who had once worked with Andy Warhol in the past, has now teamed up with Pop Artist du jour, Jeff Koons – one of the most recognized and solicited contemporary artists out there, who has earned worldwide acclaim with his large-scale sculptures.

DomPerignon x Jeff Koons

For the packaging, the artist chose to create a miniature replica of his fushia balloon Venus of  Willendorf, that’s now on view at the Gagosian, which serves as an elaborate protective case for the bottle. If you happen to be privileged enough to get your hands on one of these beauties, you will not be disappointed with the taste of these two vintages, “To be honest, this particular vintage, specifically the vintage Rosé 2003, will remain historic. It’s about as bold, as provocative, as full bodied, intense and sensuous as can be.” claims Dom Pérignon’s Chef de cave Richard Geoffroy. The same actually rings true for Mr. Koons current show at the Gagaosian Gallery in NYC.

The ridiculous price tag of $20,000 US will no doubt make this project far more pricey than the brand’s previous collabos with Andy Warhol and David Lynch.  Sales start Tuesday September 10th, 2013 and will be sold in very limited quantities, natch! If for any reason at all any of you get your hands on a bottle, you know where to find me! 😉

New Year’s Eve Sparking Cocktails

Entertaining friends and family at home this New Year’s Eve? Why not jazz up the traditional glass of champers/sparkling wine for your guests with any of these easy to make bubbly-based cocktails.


Sparkling Cinnamon Apple Cocktail

4 oz. Lunetta Prosecco

2 oz. Lindemans Pomme (Green Apple) lambic

1/2 oz. Monin Honey Syrup

2 oz. Hand shaken whipped cream

Dip rim of Champagne flute into honey syrup and then into cinnamon sugar to rim the glass. Pour honey syrup, Prosecco and lambic into a shaker over ice. Stir with spoon 10 times. Strain into Champagne flute. Top with two spoonfuls of whipped cream. Dust with cinnamon sugar.


Perrier-Jouët Rose

1/4 oz. Rose Water

1 Sugar Cube

3 dashes of fresh pomegranate juice

Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque/Brut

Place the sugar cube in the bottom of a Champagne flute. Saturate it with rose water. Carefully top off with Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque/Brut and add pomegranate juice. Garnish with dry baby rose buds.


Lemon Drop Champagne Punch

3 lemons, room temperature

1/2 cup of sugar

3/4 cup of best quality vodka

4 oz. of candied lemon peels

NYE_cocktails_Perrier Jouet Fraise Sauvage

Perrier-Jouët Fraise Sauvage

2 oz. Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque/Brut

1 1/4 oz. vodka

3/4 oz. Fresh squeezed lemon juice

1/4 oz. Simple Syrup

1 Whole strawberry

In a bottom of a mixing glass muddle the strawberry into a purée. Add all ingredients except Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque. Add ice, cover and shake vigorously for 7-8 seconds. Pour Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque/Brut into a chilled cocktail-martini glass and pour the cocktail over it. Garnish with half a strawberry.

NYE_cocktails_Happy New Year

Happy New Year Cocktail

1/4 oz. Brandy

3/4 oz. Ruby Port

3/4 oz. Orange Juice

4 oz. Champagne/Sparkling Wine

Do you have any special NYE alcoholic concoctions you like to create for your guests? Let me know in the comment section. Please remember to drink responsibly this New Year’s Eve!




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