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Mogo Money Health and Wellness

Most people start off the new year with good intentions to make changes to their lifestyle and majority of these usually are health and fitness related.  As many as 40% of North Americans make new years resolutions and only an alarming 8% actually achieve these goals. One of my personal goals this year is to find more ways to be fiscally responsible by avoiding credit card debt and I’ve been enjoying taking on this challenge over the past month with my Mogo Prepaid Visa® Card. To help make sure that your wellness resolutions don’t go unresolved this year, I’ve teamed up with Mogo Money to share some of things that I absolutely love that will help you stay on track!

1. Freshii’s Metaboost Salad: Eating healthy on-the-go used to be a challenge but with Freshii locations in over 60 cities and 12 countries worldwide, the brand has made nutritious meals both accessible and affordable for everyone. The ‘Metaboost’ salad, which contains field greens, spinach, kale, mangoes, carrots, edamame beans, shaved almonds and goat cheese, is currently one of my faves on the menu. Click here to find a location near you.

2. Fountain’s Hyaluronic Molecule Food Supplement: While topical lotions and potions promise to give us glowing, healthy skin, it’s important to remember that the key to radiant skin is actually what we put in our bodies, not on them. Fountain’s Hyaluronic Molecule is a concentrated beauty supplement that helps keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.

Fountain Hyaluronic Molecule

3. Nike+ SportWatch GPS: Whether you’re training for your first race, which may be the Nike Women 15K in Toronto, or a seasoned marathoner, the Nike+ Stopwatch is an amazing tool for both training and race day. It keeps track of your location, pace, distance, laps, in addition to calories burned. If that wasn’t enough, it also stores all your run history and keeps tabs on your personal records, giving you encouragement along the way. Available in Canada at the Nike (Toronto Eaton Center) store, Sport Chek & Sporting Life locations and on Nike.com in the US.

4. Jabra Step Wireless Headphones: There is no better way to enjoy music while working out than with wireless headphones. Once you experience the freedom of not having your headphones connected to a device, you will never look back. Designed for training enthusiasts, the Step Wireless headphones are lightweight, durable, and water resistant. With accompanying gel hooks and a selection of different sized ear gels, these are perfect for those that have tiny ears.


5. Everlast Weighted Jump Rope: No access to a gym? No problem. Skipping is the cheapest and easiest way for a total body workout and can be done virtually anywhere. Similar to a speed rope, you will improve your agility, footwork and endurance. With a weighted rope like this one from Everlast, you burn a significant amount of calories and can be effective for increasing strength and promoting weight loss.

6. Gap Full Zip Jacket: Everyone needs that one transitional piece that can take them from their fave fitness class and continue Saturday errands in style.  This heather grey shell from the GapFit’s latest collection is light weight making it perfect for the upcoming Spring months and works well with other layered pieces (think tanks and long sleeves) in colder temperatures.

7. Nike Studio Wraps: If yoga, barre and pilates is your thing, this will take your practice to the next level. Nike’s Studio Wraps are an innovative training shoe designed to help you get the most out of these forms of exercise by providing extra support with the help of studio ribbons, traction (to enhance grip on indoor surfaces), while providing a barefoot like experience. The added bonus – protection from studio floors. Available in Canada at the Nike (Toronto Eaton Center) store, Sport Chek & Sporting Life locations and on Nike.com in the US.

Nike Studio Wraps

 8. Vitamin Water Zero: We all know it’s important to drink water but do you know why? Getting the proper amount of water helps maintain the body’s fluid balance which helps transport nutrients in the body, regulate body temperature, digest food and more.  It also helps with calorie control, kidney function, pain prevention and clears skin. It also provides fuel for muscles. Prevent yourself from getting bored of drinking the recommended nine – 16 cups of H20 daily by mixing it up with other hydration options such as Vitamin Water Zero, a sugar free flavoured water which is loaded with vitamins and sweetened naturally with stevia extract.

9. Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit: Designed to help you unleash your natural stride, the Flyknit 4.0 is a great running shoe that’s not only lightweight, but also provides adequate support and flexibility – made possible by a unique polyester yarn upper and hexagonal flex grooves on the soles.  Knit-in flawier cables cradle the mid foot for support where you need it most.

Accepted anywhere Visa cards are accepted, Mogo Prepaid Visa® cardholders receive perks such as unlimited transactions, free text balance updates sent to a mobile device and no monthly fees. PLUS, a choice of 40 unique card designs to choose from so you can have a card that reflects your own personal style. For more information on Mogo Prepaid Visa®, head to Mogo.ca.

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Frequent Flyer In-Flight Essentials

Frequent Flyer In-Fight Essentials

I used to have a difficult time on long-haul flights often suffering from extreme boredom, nausea, occasional claustrophobia and severe skin dryness but now I think I have this “frequent flyer” thing down pat. Although I hate the process of checking in, security and customs, I have come to relish the quiet time I have during a flight and enjoy catching up on some much needed sleep, writing, reading and newly released films. Over the week I have spent some considerable time traveling with the Nike Canada team covering the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco and Nike Women Summit in New York City and had pleasant in-flight experiences with the help of a few of my “MUST-HAVE” items.


evian facial mist

I like to keep my make-up minimal when traveling…I mean, how else do you expect me to fall asleep on the shoulder of the passenger beside me without leaving a makeup imprint from my face behind? Therefore, while on board I’m sans makeup with the exception of a neutral colour lip balm like Smith’s Rosebud Salve, which has proven to be a lifesaver and frequently spray my face and neck with Evian Facial Spray. The cabin air is stale and dry, which can be harsh on the skin. Evian mist not only moisturizes but also refreshens and tones as well.  I always purchase the 50ml bottle, which is small enough to not cause issues with the TSA regulations. For additional skin hydration I lather on Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream and Moroccanoil’s Hand CreamPrior to landing, I usually apply a bold lipstick like a classic Chanel red or Ruby Woo by MAC to brighten up my face and Younique mascara to open up my tired eyes. Last but not least, with this ebola virus scare and just germs in general, it’s imperative to carry hand sanitizer. The smell of hand sanitizer bothers me but L’Occitane En Provence’s Lavender Hand Purifying Gel has lavender and other essential oils that makes it smell heavenly.


next issue

As a lover of fashion and interior design, I am usually the girl with 200 page magazines in my carry-on luggage complaining my bag is too heavy BUT that issue is now a thing of the past with Next Issue.  Its a genius app that can be downloaded onto your computer or fave wireless devices that gives you access to over 100 of the best magazines in the world. On my way from Toronto to San Francisco I spent the entire flight reading the latest issues of InStyle Architecture’s Digest, and Vogue. If I’m not knocked out catching up sleep, working, or reading, I am watching movies or listening to endless music on Spotify  with my Revo Wireless headphones from Jabra that turn out to be perfect for drowning out the sound of a baby crying.


dream water

Sleep is ideal when heading to a destination where there is a time zone difference and seeing as though my sleeping pattern is pretty erratic, I usually require a bit of assistance. A sleep mask is mandatory for early morning flights and I’m really digging my new chic Agent Provocateur Eye Mask – it does a superb job at blocking out annoying sunlight pouring through the windows.  I also discovered a product called Dream Water a few months ago…it’s so brilliant, I can’t travel without it.  It’s an all natural, drug free sleep aid that contains a mixture of GABA (Gamma Amminobutyric Acid) and Melatonin; both supplements to aid to relaxation and sleep.  Just a small sip of Dream Water and I’m asleep until the Pilot announces our decent to our arrival city. Last but not least, I always make sure to have Aleeve on hand when traveling. There is nothing worst than putting a wrench in your travel plans by arriving in another country or city with a headache.

Also, I always keep these “must-haves” stored in a backpack or large hand bag that easily fits underneath the seat in front of me. If it’s packed in a case it will stay above me in the overhead compartment the entire flight.  Tweet me and let me know what some of your in-flight “Must Haves” are @sashaexeter!

Staying In Shape While Traveling: 5 Things To Keep You On Track

Nike Training When we travel it is often easy to ditch the workout regime we maintained for weeks or sometimes months prior to going on vacay. We have all done it before…spend most of our time on the beach, visiting tourist attractions, literally eating our way through a city/town and drinking copious amounts of calorie ridden cocktails. Getting a workout in while traveling is easier than you think and doesn’t even require you to have a gym to do it.  You can avoid that “Vacay Weight” from creeping up  in the comfort of your hotel room, villa or guest house in 45 mins or less with just 5 things. On my recent trip to Mexico City, I was able to workout with just a few key pieces (some featured above):

A Good Skipping Rope: Canadian Nike Masterclass Trainer, Eva Redpath, always says that a skipping rope is the cheapest and most effective piece of cardio equipment you can own. Contrary to popular belief, it’s the perfect full body workout. At home I like to use a weighted rope like this one from Nike, but when traveling a non-weighted rope is always more practical.

Nike Weight Skipping Rope*My Suggestion: Try skipping 10-15 minutes prior to working out to get your body warm and heart rate up. If skipping is all you have time for, then skip for 30 minutes.

The Right Shoe: The right shoe for your workout is critical…you need to be comfortable of course but also have the right support. Furthermore, if you are traveling, you also want a shoe that isn’t heavy and will add to the weight of your luggage. Because I like to run and also do functional training in addition to gym workouts, the Nike Free TR4 Women’s Training Shoe is the only shoe I took to Mexico to workout in. It gives me the right amount of support, it’s ultra lightweight (weighs approx 12 ounces) and has a flexible sole to accommodate natural range of motion.

Nike Free TR4 Womens Training Shoe

Nike + Training Club App: You may have already read my previous post on the NTC App and trust me, this won’t be the last you hear about it either. Not to sound dramatic but it will change your life. You can choose from over 100 workouts inspired by professional female athletes, create monthly programs and tailor your workouts based on your fitness goals; whether you want to get lean, toned, strong or focused. It provides step-by-step instructions with photos AND video, you can now link it to the Nike Running+ app and the digital trainer chimes in to motivate you just when you feel like giving up. Best part…it’s free and available for download here.

The Do-Anywhere “Hotel Room” Workout by Equinox: Equinox is probably the most luxe and premiere gym in North America, with some of the best trainers in the industry (which includes Eva Redpath at Toronto’s Bay Street location). The brand has a unique lifestyle blog called Q by Equinox in which they discuss nutrition, fitness fashion and even have instructional workout videos. This 16 minute, equipment free session is quick and super effective.

The Perfect Wireless Headphones: Jabra’s Revo Wireless headphones have changed the way I listen to music both when traveling and while working out. It has an extra long battery life (that can conveniently be charged with a laptop) and the freedom from not having a wire dangling down your side while running or working out. These on-ear headphones are perfect to listening to your favourite workout playlist or podcast with maximum Dolby sound. Choosing a playlist with a high BPM (beats per minute), is always the way to go when doing high intensity workouts. The quick tempo of the music is far more likely to push you than slower paced or lower BPM tracks. Right now my go-to podcasts while running and working out is Mad Decent Worldwide Radio and Motion Traxx Fuel For Fitness.  The latter actually allows you to choose your playlist based on BPM. For running and cardio I suggest anywhere between 140-165 BPM, 120-140 BPM for interval or circuit training and 100 BPM for cool down.

For more items like my  Nike C72 Legend 2.0 bag, Nike Pro Magical Kaleidoscope Sports Bra and other Nike products for women, check out www.nike.com

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide & Giveaway

So Sasha Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I may not truly buy into the whole idea of Valentine’s Day, but let me be clear, I have never been mad at the idea of receiving prezzies from someone I’ve fancied. Any man I’ve ever dated knows I am not a huge fan of the usual “Hallmark Holiday” gifts that us girls usually receive on February 14th, such as chocolate and lingerie that come after an overpriced prix fix dinner at some midtown restaurant. The way to this unconventional chick’s heart are items that don’t necessarily only need to be used in the bedroom and can be gifted on any day of the day of the year…and really, if you’re in love it should be Valentine’s Day everyday, no? I’ve rounded up some of my fave items (some I actually own) and others that are on my current “Lust List” in hopes to put some cool alternative gifts on your radar…

1. Diptyque Mini Candle Set – $84

There is nothing I love more than a beautifully scented candle. I have purchased all of the cult candle brands from Byredo, Jo Malone, Hotel Costes to Bond No. 9, but I always come back to the classic fragrances made by Parisian company Diptyque. The brand’s website allows you (or your beau) to create your own 3 mini candle set, which are the perfect size for the bedroom, bathroom or when traveling.

2. Charlotte Olympia “Monroe” Pumps $695

Every girl needs a pair of Charlotte Olympia’s in her closet and this classic “Monroe” pump in red suede is a fun and sexy alternative to a traditional black heel. The slight platform increases the comfort level and goes well with both denim or an LBD.

3. Jabra Solemate Mini $100

I have been ranting and raving about Jabra’s wireless options for playing music on the go both on the blog and social media. I use both the Revo Wireless headphones and the Solemate daily when I’m working out and at chilling at home. Just in time for the “Day of Love”, Jabra has introduced the new Solemate mini in red. So mini in fact, it’s practically the size of an iPhone 5 – which means you can literally carry it in your handbag! Small speakers…with a big sound!

4. Miu Miu Biker Quilted Leather Clutch $1,020

Miu Miu, quilted leather and moto inspiration…three of some of my favourite things all rolled into one handbag. The colourblocked red and white colour is super luxe and for a clutch it’s spacious enough to hold all your V-Day date essentials. A snap-fastening pocket on the back of the bag in black is perfect for conveniently storing your ID, credit cards and cash.

5. Birchbox 12 Month Membership $110

I’ve always loved the idea of beauty box memberships – they are the BEST for those of you who are commitment phobes when it comes to investing in an expensive beauty product. It is the perfect way to test out all the latest and greatest products on the market before committing and buying the full size (and often expensive full price) version of a product. Cannot think of a beauty gift for a beauty fanatic.

6. Nadege “Je T’aime” Box of 12 Macarons $26.50

Nadege Patisserie makes some of the tastiest macarons in Toronto. The boutique shop’s almond mini meringue wonders have a delicate crunch to the outer layer and filled with the most delish ganache, flavoured buttercream or jam. It’s a little piece of heaven and if I could eat them everyday without compromising my waistline, I totally would!

7. Cutler and Gross Round-Frame Acetate and Metal Mirrored Sunglasses $565

Aviators are a thing of the past. Get into 2014 with round framed sunnies from Cutler and Gross. Each of the brand’s sunnies are made by hand in Italy. The entire process to make these beauties takes approximately a month with over 30 steps. What better way to look at your lover than through these chic lenses. Taking it to another level, the arms are leather wrapped and the frame is adorned with pearlescent acetate.

8. Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Fire Engine Red $319

Latte and coffee drinkers will LOVE waking up to a fresh cup made with this ultra chic machine. It allows you to make a wide variety of hot beverage options that require frothy milk such as latte macchiatos and cappuccino and the machine looks stunning displayed on your kitchen counter.

I am giving away the cute and powerful Jabra Solemate Mini wireless speakers as a Valentine’s Day gift to one lucky follower. Entering the contest is easy…you must follow both @sashaexeter and @Jabra_US on Twitter and tweet the following to me, “@SashaExeter I want to enjoy my music with @Jabra_US’s wireless Solemate mini #SoleMateMini“. Contest starts February 10th, 2014 and ends Thursday February 13th at 9 PM EST. The lucky winner will be announced on Friday February 14th at noon.

*Contest open to Canadian and US residents only*

Jabra | Crisp, Clean Audio With No Strings Attached

Jabra Wireless Headphones

Since I started running regularly, I’ve always wished someone would come out with wireless headphones that not only look great but matches the functionality of other high end, noise cancelling headphones. If you lead an active lifestyle you would probably agree that there is nothing more annoying than an extra long wire dangling down your side from your headphones while running or working out. Thankfully, Jabra has answered my prayers with two of their tech savvy and stylish products; REVO Wireless Headphones and Solemate speakers. I’ve been happily testing out the REVO wireless headphones (pictured above) for over a month now and I keep asking myself how I was living without them for all this time. With High-Def Dolby Digital Plus, the sound is unreal and is compatible with iPods, iPhones and iPads via wireless connectivity. As if they were manufactured for clumsy people like me, these headphones are engineered with solid materials – an aluminum frame, shatterproof headband and steel hinges…making them super durable. With it’s extra long battery life, up to 72 hours, its also the perfect companion for travel.

Jabra Wireless SpeakersWant a way to share your music on the go with your peeps? Jabra has that covered as well with Solemate. The wireless speakers come in three sizes, the smallest being the size of an iPhone but has enough sound power to get the party started and comes in a variety of colours. Equipped with a splash/dust resistant cover and durable rubber sole, these speakers are almost indestructible. The size makes it easy to bring along to a get-together or to the beach…and would be a perfect gift for a loved one during the holidays.

For more information on Jabra and their cool products head over to www.jabra.com.

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